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Irish Employment Law is becoming increasingly complex and is governed by an extensive number of statutes. It can be confusing for employers and employees to navigate through an onslaught of legislation and ensure they are complying with their obligations.

Irish Employment Law is among the most regulated in Europe, and litigation in this area has increased significantly in recent years. We can provide legal advice to employers from the outset, avoiding these pitfalls down the line.

Becker Tansey Solicitors has considerable experience advising and acting for both the employer and the employee. This combined perspective has enabled us to better understand the dynamics involved in the employer-employee relationship, ensuring we are providing fair, practical and strategic advice to our clients.

We can assist both employer and employees on a range of issues:

  • Drafting and advising on employment contracts
  • Rights and entitlements of employers and employees
  • Workplace Relations Commission Procedures
  • Grievance and Disciplinary Issues
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • TUPE Regulations
  • Maternity Leave rights and entitlements
  • Work related accidents
  • Employment Equality and Discrimination Cases
  • Sick Leave and Stress
  • Bullying and Harassment

If you need legal advice regarding Irish Employment Law, whether you are an employer or an employee, we can help you.

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