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Probate is a legal process that allows a person to deal with a deceased person's assets e.g. property, money, life policies, credit union accounts, etc. in accordance with the wishes expressed by the deceased person in their Will.

The authority to do this is given in the form of a document from the Probate Office known as a ”Grant of Representation“ and also known as a ”Grant of Probate“. A Grant of Probate is necessary if a person dies leaving property in his/her name to enable the property to be sold or transferred into the name of another person.

The same principal applies if the deceased person died leaving money in a bank or other financial institution or has life policies in his/her sole name. The bank or insurance company will not release the money to the Executor without a Grant of Probate.

The legal personal representative usually engages the services of a solicitor to carry out the process of extracting the Grant of Representation on their behalf.

At Becker Tansey Solicitors we understand that this can be a difficult time for family members of the Deceased and we will look after all aspects of Probate (when a person dies having made a Will) and administration (when a person dies without a Will). It can be a difficult and sometimes complex time for you. You may be appointed Executor and you may need assistance with this.

We deal with the estate of the deceased person from your first visit to us, to distribution of the assets.

We prepare the documents for lodgement with the Probate Office and the Revenue Commissioners.

We obtain the Grant of Probate of Administration for you. We gather in the assets and distribute them in accordance with the terms of the Will, or in accordance with the Law if there is no Will.

We will then account to you in full for the estate.


If you require assistance with Probate, we are here to help.

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